TO BENEFIT FROM CLIENTS AND SERVICE FOCUS. We reinvent our services daily, directly in response to what our clients need and expect of us, and we believe in continuous development of internal resources and processes that are of value to our clients. However, what doesn’t change is the company environment, because it works.

TO DEAL WITH PRINCIPALS. We are the only commercial real estate services firm whose principals, the owners of the firm, are in the field every day working with clients. No one is in the corporate tower because we don’t have one. No bureaucrats because there is no bureaucracy. Everyone is an owner or on the path to becoming an owner. Nearly 50% are shareholders.

TO DEAL WITH THE BEST PEOPLE. Our owned-by-our-principals structure is unique in our business. Our highly focused and energized environment attracts the top professionals from throughout our field. We are solutions-oriented people. We believe in the idea that clients are best served by talented, highly motivated brokers working in a cooperative rather that a competitive environment. Our people share information and client service opportunities because it’s in the best interest of everyone concerned, especially our clients.

TO GET RESULTS. Our environment and focus create success, and each office is profitable year after year. during the real estate crisis from 1989 through 1994, we were growing, not down-sizing because more and more clients turned to us for services. We opened ten successful offices during this period. We have no debt, no outside investors and we are continuing to open new offices and offer new services to our clients. Our clients wan results and so do we.

IF YOU WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT US, client references are available that are specific to your market and your requirements. To begin, call one of our professionals in any one of the markets we serve. You probably will be talking with one of our owners.


INFORMATION. What we do begins with information. We anticipated the information age fifteen years ago, and tens of thousands of pieces of data are routinely assembled by our professionals every day in every market we serve. Taken together and gathered into meaningful databases in each local office, all of this data becomes valuable information when presented to our clients.

EXPERIENCE. Client assignments become experience when they have been successfully completed, and in every assignment we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients. Our professional have completed tens of thousands of such assignments. That’s experience.

ANALYSIS. Making successful commercial real estate decisions always requires analysis. Sometimes the level of analysis is fairly simple - giving our clients clear facts and comparisons to assist them in making the best possible decisions. At other times this analysis is extraordinarily complex - including computer-assisted financial analyses and forecasts which allow our clients to compare alternatives presented from a variety of sources. We have the information, experience, technical skills and technical support needed for this process.

PROFESSIONAL ADVISORY SERVICES. This single phrase communicates both what we do and how we do it. The main reason for hiring a professional services firm to assist with your commercial real estate requirements is to have a highly experienced and knowledgeable advisor on your side of the table, someone who knows real estate and your local market and who can help you make decisions based on the best options available. That’s our goal - to provide excellent professional advisory services to our clients.


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